A Wayland-native interface for conveniently using pass
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Since wofi isn't a drop-in replacement for rofi, I couldn't use rofi-pass anymore. So, I just made a version of passmenu that accomplishes everything I needed from rofi-pass.

What does it do?

This script uses wofi and ydotool to provide a completely Wayland-native way to conveniently use pass. It provides the same search that passmenu does, but shows a second dialogue that lets the user choose which field to copy/print.

It also assumes that pass-otp is installed if an otpauth://... string is present in a password file.

The script assumes several things:

  1. The password is on the first line;
  2. The rest of the lines are formatted as key:value pairs.

See the following example:

username: JohnDoe
email: john@example.com
pin: 1234

I know this script needs some work; it was mostly hacked together in an afternoon to get the minimum functionality I needed.