gpg: add sshcontrol with oneliner template to get grip

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Joel Beckmeyer 2023-09-11 11:22:33 -04:00
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# List of allowed ssh keys. Only keys present in this file are used
# in the SSH protocol. The ssh-add tool may add new entries to this
# file to enable them; you may also add them manually. Comment
# lines, like this one, as well as empty lines are ignored. Lines do
# have a certain length limit but this is not serious limitation as
# the format of the entries is fixed and checked by gpg-agent. A
# non-comment line starts with optional white spaces, followed by the
# keygrip of the key given as 40 hex digits, optionally followed by a
# caching TTL in seconds, and another optional field for arbitrary
# flags. Prepend the keygrip with an '!' mark to disable it.
{{ output "sh" "-c" "gpg -K --with-keygrip | grep -A1 \"\\[A\\]\" | tail -n1 | sed \"s,.*Keygrip = ,,\"" }}